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Online Counselling at Anchored Connections

Potential counselling clients often express concern that online counselling might not be effective. This concern is particularly noted in those who recognize the value and ease of in-person sessions. However, online counselling is both effective and accessible, offering a practical solution that often fits well with the demands of busy schedules. Research in the field corroborates this, and our experience in sessions aligns with these findings.

Comfortable home setting with a computer set up for an Anchored Connections online counselling session.

There's often a worry about the potential loss of non-verbal cues in virtual sessions. While certainly different from in-person sessions, with today's technology, we are able to facilitate more nuanced communication than one might expect. Our secure video calls and phone sessions have enabled profound connections and discussions that significantly contribute to effective counselling. In fact, being in your own space during these sessions can make some clients feel more comfortable, thereby enhancing engagement in healing and problem-solving.

For clients who prefer phone sessions, we sometimes recommend starting with a video connection. This approach tends to offer a more complete communicative experience, helping to establish a stronger counsellor-client connection.

Our services are particularly accommodating for couples or family sessions, where participants, such as husbands and wives, may join from separate locations. We manage multi-location video or phone calls seamlessly to ensure everyone can participate effectively.

While online counselling doesn’t seek to replace the in-person experience, it adapts to our changing world and provides an effective alternative. If you're feeling hesitant about taking this step or have questions about online counselling, we encourage you to reach out. Please feel free to email us at office@anchoredconnections.ca or book a free consultation with one of our counsellors. We are committed to supporting you through this journey.

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